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γ-benzyl-glutamate NCA Protected glutamic acid monomer

Cas No : 3190-71-4
MDL Number : MFCD11046651
Molecular form: C13H13NO5

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Chemical Name : (4S)-2,5-Dioxo-4-oxazolidinepropanoic Acid Phenylmethyl Ester

Melting Point : 97° dec

Molecular Weight : 263.25

Storage Condition : -20 C°

Shipping Condition : -20 C°

Synonyms : +)-(S)-Glutamic Acid γ-Benzyl Ester N-carboxyanhydride; 5-Benzyl L-Glutamate N-Carboxyanhydride; L-Glutamic Acid-γ-benzyll ester N-Carboxyanhydride; L-γ-Benzylglutamic Acid Carboxyanhydride; N-Carboxy-γ-benzyl-L-glutamate Anhydride; γ-Benzyl L-N-Carboxyglutamic Anhydride; γ-Benzyl L-Glutamate N-Carboxyanhydride; γ-Benzyl L-Glutamate-N-carboxylic anhydride; γ-Benzyl N-carboxy-L-glutamic Anhydride; γ-Benzyl Glutamate N-Carboxyanhydride; γ-Benzyl Glutamate NCA; γ-Benzyl-L-glutamic Acid; γ-Benzyl Glutamate NCA

Application Area : Synthesis of poly(amino acid)s, glatiramer acetate

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