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Microfabrication & Nanofabrication (ISO 14644 Certified)

SUNUM has, ISO 14644 Certified Class 100-1.000-10.000 (ISO 5,6,7) cleanrooms to perform micro and nanofabrication processes such as photolithography, electron beam lithography, reactive ion etching, thermal evaporation, e-beam evaporation and sputtering.

With its expert technical staff, SUNUM provides microfabrication & nanofabrication services on varies material and substrates covers for a wide field of application areas such as communication, health, defense, environment, energy, and also provides advanced hands on training with the state of the art equipments in ISO 14644 certified cleanrooms.

Our microfabrication & nanofabrication laboratories provides custom design fabrication, infrastructure, state of the art equipment to use, and staff support necessary to enable faculty, students, academic and corporate partners to conduct competitive research in the growing number of fields that rely on microfabrication & nanofabrication.

Microfabrication & Nanofabrication Services

  • Fabrication of micro and nanoscale device prototypes
  • Microfluidic circuits for chemical and biological sensor applications
  • Capacitive sensors arrays for sensors and Lab-on-a Chip applications
  • Chemical sensor arrays for flammable, explosive and poisonous elements
  • Fabrication of RF microelectromechanical circuit elements(RF-MEMS Key, Filter,Resonatoretc)
  • Infrared sensors/detectors
  • Micro/Nano electromechanical Systems (MEMS/NEMS)
  • Micro/Nano antennas for THz Applications
  • Inertial sensors-converters-detectors : Gyroscope, accelerometer

SUNUM offers highest quality micro and nano fabrication processes with an affordable price. Whether you are an academician seeking for an expert project partner in nanotechnology or an industry expert looking for a solution, we are here to collaborate! You may contact us directly from the below link or find detail process from sub categories below:

Sub Categories

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