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Supporting deep-tech startups with SUNUM tools and facilities

Target: companies with nanoscale technologies at the core of their business

SUNUM Business development team will use the pilot year to explore with the companies what programmatic support spin-SUNUM can incorporate to boost the success of deep-tech ventures.

Aim: to support hard-tech ventures in their early stages.

Benefits: Participating startups will have:

  • Access to state-of-the-art SUNUM facilities to advance their ideas, to create more well-developed prototypes, obtain validated data, 
  • Discounted access to facilities they need to develop their technology such as SUNUM’s cleanrooms, characterization tools, and other laboratories.
  • Standard user support from SUNUM staff and technicians in utilizing equipment and planning processes.
  • Access to other open toolsets at SUNUM at standard rates and terms
  • Reduced need to invest in or construct own research facilities, minimizing the cost of launching a novel idea and potentially shortening the time it takes for the innovations to reach the market
  • Access to further support from SUNUM Business development team and its network
  • Exposure to SUNUM strategic partner companies
  • Becoming a part of the SU-SUNUM communityof scholars, researchers, and innovators
  • Opportunity to work alongside talented researchers and receive support through the innovation ecosystem.
  • Increased visibility for attracting investment and recruiting talent for their companies.
The Benefit to SUNUM
  • Advancing its mission to “create socio-economic added-value” by speeding the transition of innovation to the marketplace.
  • Exposing researchers to the presence of start-ups
  • Inspiring research through direct connections with deep-tech startups tackling tomorrow’s challenges.
  • Enhancing SUNUM’s wide spectrum of partnerships to support entrepreneurship.
The Selection Process

Spin-SUNUM is led by SUNUM. In its selection, SUNUM may seek advice from its industry consortium members, its advisors, faculty, and organizations.

Participants are accepted to the program for one year. If a startup requires continued access to SUNUM’s facilities, they may apply for up to two more years of access.Successful startups may be offered further long-term benefits, such as special partnerships with SUNUM.

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