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Microstructuring & Nanostructuring

Micro and nanostructuring are the basis of the manufacturing process that require different technologies to be performed on various substrates. The process involves patterning, etching and thin-film coatings to create small structures on a micro/nanometer scale.

We perform a photolithography process with mask aligners that use UV light to transform pattern on substrates down to 1 µm resolution. Electron beam lithography (EBL) is one of the widely used, critical and flexible tools for sub-micron resolution patterning. Raith EBPG5000+ES EBL system is the flagship lithography tool at SUNUM. All the tools provide patterning on various substrates that size from small pieces up to 100 mm wafers. SUNUM also has state of the art Dry etching systems, wet etching benches and various thin film coating systems such as thermal and e-beam evaporation, sputtering and CVD systems as well.

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