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Biphasic calcium phosphate (nanopowder, Mixture of HA and β-TCP)

Biphasic calcium phosphate nanopowder, <100 nm particle size

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Biphasic calcium phosphate (BCP) bioceramics belong to a group of bone substitute biomaterials that consist of an intimate mixture of HA and β-TCP of varying HA/β-TCP ratios. The bioactivity of biphasic calsium phospahete (BCP) may be controlled by manipulating the HA/β-TCP ratio. A mechanical mixture of HA and β-TCP does not lead to such bioactivity. The wet elaboration conditions of calcium-deficient apatite CDHA, followed by sintering, convert it into BCP.

Application areas: Bone graft, nanomedicine, tissue engineering, bioimaging, and drug delivery systems
Storage conditions: Room temperature (ürün 5), +4°C for (ürün 6)
Shipping: Ready to ship in 4 business days.
Packaging : 10 g - 25 g


Form : Nanopowder
Particle Size : <100 nm
Osteoconductive - osteoinductive
Chemical affinity towards biological molecules

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