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Chemiresistive Gas Sensor Platform with Integrated Heater

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Micro-chemiresistive devices (~100 pieces) fabricated on Si wafer with dimension of 4 inch using micro-fabrication techniques in our cleanroom at SUNUM. Each device has a meander-shaped platin heater (thickness: 100 nm) and interdigital gold electrodes (thickness: 100 nm) which are electrically isolated with a Si3N4 layer deposited by PECVD. They have two kind of interdigitated electrodes with width/gap of 50 and 100 μm.

Application Areas:

Chemiresistive gas sensing technology

Storage conditions: Room temperature in a desiccator (all devices are covered by PMMA layer to protect the surface).

Packaging: 100 micro devices on a Si wafer (2 inch)

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