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FlexiNanoMag-1 Iron Oxide

Iron oxide(II,III), magnetic nanoparticles (3~5 nm, -COOH, -NH2 functional) FlexiNanoMag-1:

Nano size range 3~5 nm for optimal performance with enhanced surface-to-volume ratio for efficient surface interactions.

Specification SheetSpecification Sheet SdsSds

Please contact us for price: contact@sunumestore.com

Please contact us for price: contact@sunumestore.com

Specification SheetSpecification Sheet SdsSds

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The dual functional iron oxide (II,III) magnetic nanoparticles (MNPs) were synthesized and post-synthesis chemically modified in a three-step chemical reaction involving; (i) hydrothermal reduction, (ii) size fractionation using gradient-gravity separation, and (iii) post-synthesis modification of purified & fractionated nanocrystals. The chemical modification was carried out by ligand exchange reaction and chemical activation. These nanocrystals were made water soluble with the available free -COOH and -NH2 functionalities for customers to use for their desired chem-/bio-conjugations & other application.

Application areas:

These MNPs offers water-solubility, dual surface functionality with their free -COOH and -NH2 groups for customers to use for their desired chem-/bio-conjugations & other application (1). They are useful in magnetic separation, purification, and advanced synthesis. They find application in biomedical research (imaging & diagnostics), chemical catalysis, environmental remediations.

Storage conditions: +4°C in aqueous suspension

Packaging : 2 mg, 5 mg, 10 mg


Form: Aqueous suspension

Full Name : Iron oxide(II,III), magnetic nanoparticles dual (carboxy & amino) functional

CAS Number: 1317-61-9

Preparation: Hydrothermal reduction

Particle Size : 3~5 nm

Structure: Hexagonal (2D)

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